WILTON CHRISTMAS SPRINKLE MIX TREE LARGE POUCH 10 OZ. Sprinkles approx 4oz jar - Christmas Holiday Lights Lightbulb. Festive red, green and white sprinkles are perfect for Christmas decorating! Use our Christmas sprinkles to instantly decorate festive cookies, cakes, and other holiday desserts! These red, white, and green chocolate-flavored jimmies. Shop Christmas Sprinkles and Toppers at Sprinkle Bee Sweet. Whether you are looking for classic Christmas sprinkles or some fun color combinations we've got.

Our bright red, green, and white Christmas nonpareils add color, texture, and a slightly sweet taste when used as edible decorations, topping, or garnish. Try. Red and Green Christmas Tree Sprinkles for festive cookie decorating. Shop Candy Nation for all your Christmas candy needs. Order now! Wilton 6-Cell Dessert Sprinkles Mix of Sugar, Jimmies and Nonpareils, Silver, Blue & White, oz. out of 5 Stars. 13 reviews. Shop Festive Christmas Sprinkles online! We have Christmas Sprinkle Mixes from Sweetapolita, Halo Sprinkles and River Road Sprinkle Co. Find christmas sprinkles at a store near you. Order christmas sprinkles online for pickup or delivery. Find ingredients, recipes, coupons and more. Fruit Punch Red Buttercream Frosting Mix. $ Quick View. New! Christmas Softies Sprinkles Christmas Softies Coming Soon! New! Christmas Softies. Find Christmas sprinkles, Valentine's Day sprinkles, St. Patrick's Day sprinkles, Easter sprinkles, Fourth of July Sprinkles, Halloween Sprinkles, Fall. Description Add a festive touch to your baked treats with Holiday jimmies! These edible decorations are the perfect way to bring colorful Christmas cheer to. Target has the Sprinkles, Candles & Decorations you're looking for at incredible prices. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more.

Christmas Sprinkles & Glitter · Peppermint Flavored Crystal Sugar Bulk (g) · White Sugar Rods (g) · Gold Sugar Rods (g) · Pixel Hearts Candy Shapes . Christmas - Sprinkles Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. Enter your email. A Classic Christmas Sprinkle Decorating Kit oz. $ A Classic Christmas in Gold Sprinkle Mix from Mystic Sprinkles is just what you need to take all of your holiday treats to the next level! Christmas Sprinkles. Add Christmas Sprinkles to Wishlist · Christmas Sprinkles Red & Green Christmas Tree Sprinkles. From: $ Green Christmas Tree. Create a blast of sparkle and fun for your next celebration or party with our festive, colorful themed sprinkles and decorations! Christmas Sprinkles. Add Christmas Sprinkles to Wishlist · Christmas Sprinkles Red & Green Christmas Tree Sprinkles. From: $ Green Christmas Tree. Featuring a festive blend of red, green, and white colors, this sweet assortment of Christmas sprinkles will add the perfect finishing touch to your desserts! Our Christmas nonpareil sprinkle mix is made for all those Christmas sweets! A perfect blend of red, green, and white nonpareils are the perfect addition to.

Elevate your holiday baking with Williams Sonoma's Christmas sprinkles. Order Christmas sprinkles online to add a burst of festive color to your sweet. Snow Day Sprinkle Mix - 4oz. SprinkleDeco edible decorations are great for any occasion including weddings, birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries. Shop Christmas Premium Sprinkle Mixes by Sweetapolita Sprinkles, Halo Sprinkles and River Road Sprinkle Co.! Christmas Sparkling Sanding Sugars. Christmas. Season. Themes. Unicorn · Birthday · Rainbow Wanderlust Sprinkles. Was $ Options. Size Classic Sprinkles & Sugars. This Collection is. Christmas Sprinkles Metallic White, Silver and Gold Star Sprinkle Mix, oz.

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